In today’s global business operations, the APICS CSCP Learning System will help you and your organization enhance skills to create and execute a supply chain strategy that meets customer needs, reduces cost and increases profits.

Achieve a uniform level of knowledge and understanding across your enterprise by using the APICS CSCP Learning System as a stand-alone option or as part of an APICS CSCP instructor-led course. Whether participants are local to one site, or geographically dispersed, optional group reporting capabilities make it easy to track progress and document the learning gain as each person goes through the APICS CSCP Learning System web-based testing and review activities.

Contact Bobby Quickstad, APICS CSCP Learning Systems at +1-651-905-2616 or via email at, for more information about large or small group training delivery options and volume pricing.

Who should choose the corporate/group option?
  • Companies wishing to train multiple employees, regardless of geographic location, and save money with volume purchasing
  • Companies wishing to establish a common supply chain platform of understanding, vocabulary, processes and frameworks to address their supply chain-related challenges and opportunities
  • Groups of coworkers or friends in the supply chain industry who wish to enhance their careers with APICS CSCP training, create study groups to supplement their learning efforts and save money with volume purchasing.
  • Comprehensive: This system is designed for professional development or APICS CSCP certification.
  • Convenient delivery options: Self-study delivery makes it easy to train geographically dispersed audiences. Onsite classes may be offered using the APICS CSCP instructor-led materials depending on your group’s size.
  • Cost-effective: Save money with discounted volume purchasing, controlled employee travel expenses and minimal time away from work.
  • Credits for completion: Depending on the course format, earn up to 40 professional development points toward CPIM certification maintenance with a passing score on the APICS CSCP Learning System posttest. Earn another 20 points by passing the APICS CSCP certification exam.
  • Group Reporting: Detailed web-based group reporting to track individual and group progress and document results
Delivery Options
  • Self-directed study: Each participant receives their own APICS CSCP Learning System to complete on their own, at their own pace and on their own schedule. This includes a set of printed modules and access to the web-based testing and review components.
  • Study groups: These study groups can be informal or formal. In each situation, the participants complete the APICS CSCP Learning System components on their own and address discussion and questions with a group.

Informal study groups typically involve a small group of people that study on their own but meet periodically to discuss the content of each chapter and address questions.

Formal study groups (with 10 or more participants) often make use of both the self-study and companion instructor-led materials to guide their review and discussion of each module at a precise pace and pre-arranged schedule


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  • On-site Instructor-led: The APICS CSCP course can easily be delivered to training classes of 10 or more. Comprehensive instructor’s notes, presentation slides and participant materials provide everything needed to offer on-site training using a APICS CSCP certified or APICS CSCP experienced member of your staff or using an APICS-provided instructor. Also included are suggested agenda, syllabus and numerous opportunities to reinforce company-specific philosophies and practices throughout the course